Wind Energy Finance

We have successfully funded many wind energy projects and we assure you to provide fast and effective solutions according to your need. With our many years of professional experience, we will be able to match your requirements with suitable financing sources, with whom we have regular contacts. We are confident that you’ll be happy for having contacted us through this website. 
Minimum request may be for US $1 million and can go upto billions of dollars.

Our Rate of Interest / Per Annum

10% - Wind Energy (Both Residential & Commercial)

Funding of large projects to leverage resources with little or no use of existing corporate credit or cash is possible in today's lending or investing climate. Usually the assets and cash-flows are separated out from the development's principals and independently underwritten by the lending sources. Credit appraisals and lending decisions are based on the inherent economics of the plan as opposed to the credit standing or balance sheet of any group or individual developer. Power purchasers must have a BBB+ rating and be willing to provide long term agreements.

A well presented funding request will receive positive results and therefore we suggest you have the following items ready in place for early solutions to get financed from a reliable source. 

» Profiles of key individuals 
» A well written executive summary & business plan 
» Financial statements for 2 years 
» Budgeted forecast for 3 or 5 years 
» Off-take and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) from BBB+ rated buyer 
» Warranties of Operations &Maintenance (O&M) provider, the suppliers of equipments and construction contractors

The loan usually will be secured by assets, power purchase contracts, including a mortgage on the facilities and real property in some cases. Assignment of operating revenues, liens on all personal property and assignment of all agreements and permits, including any letters of credit or performance bonds to which the borrower is the beneficiary may be required in some cases.

Please apply online to enable us to analyze the matter presented and contact by our specialist to proceed further on the request. Or otherwise, if you wish to consult first on any project or development you have at hand or in process, please feel free to send us your query in the short form herein provided. It’s a no cost, no obligation simple exercise on your part, as we do not charge any upfront fee.

Apply now! You have nothing to lose – it’s always a win, win situation!!

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