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Even though it was well known long before that sun rays are powerful source of energy, the economical ways of converting it was mastered very recently. Due to scientific and technical advancement in this field, many have ventured to produce cheaper means of electricity. But, the complex production process, machineries & equipments and distribution of power generated made the initial development cost to be very high.

Our Rate of Interest / Per Annum

12% - Solar Power

Therefore the project developers seek for suitable financing sources. Since this is a specialized area of operation, there are very few lenders available, who really understand well the funding requirement presentations and have theresources to go forward to close the deal. We have created special and long-term relationships with industry specific commercial lenders and investors.

Our extensive industry knowledge, expertise in packaging, structuring and underwriting deals, allows us to meet our client’s strategic needs on renewable solar energy financing. We have experienced team of investors, lenders, consultants and underwriters to make the process of getting the dream out of the ground and making it into reality to feed the power grid.

Minimum request may be for US $1 million and can go upto billions of dollars.
Please apply online to enable us to analyze the matter presented and contact by our specialist to proceed further on the request. Or otherwise, if you wish to consult first on any project or development you have at hand or in process, please feel free to send us your query in the short form herein provided. It’s a no cost, no obligation simple exercise on your part, as we do not charge any upfront fee.

For our quick action and also to save everyone’s time in getting the required funds, it is advisable to have the following items ready for lender’s presentation.

»  Profiles of key individuals 
»  A well written executive summary & business plan   
»  Financial statements for 2 years 
»  Budgeted forecast for 3 or 5 years 
»  Off-take and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) from BBB+ rated buyer 
»  Warranties of Operations &Maintenance (O&M) provider, the suppliers of equipments and construction contractors

Apply now! You have nothing to lose – it’s always a win, win situation!!

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