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India's New Bitcoin Exchange BTCXIndia is First with Real Time Trading

India now has a full and compliant bitcoin exchange called BTCXIndia – also featuring a live trading platform and wallet service – which launched officially on 5th May in the southern city of Hyderabad.
It's a significant step for the country's bitcoin economy as its previous exchanges, some of which operated as fixed-price buy-sell platforms, lived with a degree of regulatory uncertainty since a series of government warnings and raids on bitcoin businesses in December and January.

BTCXIndia CEO Mupparaju Siva Kameswara Rao is Managing Director of S Capital Solutions Pvt Ltd – the company behind the new exchange. The main objective, said Rao, is first to educate Indian customers about digital currencies and then to provide them with a secure, transparent and compliant trading platform.

Rao is also happy with the response he's received so far and expects trade to pick up quickly if new sign-ups continue at the current rate, he added.

Security and compliance

BTCXIndia currently has 10 staff members, working in development, customer services and compliance. Investment comes via a UK company that has funded the exchange for at least one year, and is also working as a strategic advisor to the management team.

Rao said the management team itself consists of a Tech Lead from India's Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, and a Compliance Officer from the financial services industry.
BTCXIndia keeps the absolute majority of the coins it holds in cold offline storage, and is also working on a proof-of-reserves implementation and "other interesting features" to reassure customers their funds are always 100% safe.

Rao added that the security measures are necessary to counter the "poor track record of the exchange industry in the past," referring not to India but bitcoin exchanges worldwide.

In India, too, there is a particular need for a cautious approach thanks to government uncertainty, he said, explaining:
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